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Women stop thieves stealing retaliation begged wit

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Lord Cienia

Dołączył: 19 Lip 2013
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PostWysłany: Śro 23:29, 05 Lut 2014    Temat postu: Women stop thieves stealing retaliation begged wit

's Hospital, 5th Floor, 20 inpatient bed,[url=][/url], lie on your back on the right side of the head with a depressed woman,[url=]abercrombie milano orari[/url], she sobbed: "I do not Suppression of small things secretly know will cause such a result. "new woman named Liu Mei, Zhumadian county used farmers, two years ago, and her husband went to Kaifeng in Kaifeng Railway fruit for a living, is also opening two children go to school. Liu new America that she is being stunned, because before she had to stop thieves stealing. August 5 this year, so they 两口 a Barracks Street train station in Kaifeng corner stall selling fruit and found two women and a man stole a gray-haired old man stuff, "a woman to start, another two had a cover, I see to the rear, on 'Hey Hey' Hanliaoliangsheng, that woman hand drew back. the man ran up to me and asked me to call what I thought they would leave, and who knows,[url=]hogan junior[/url], they steal the old man,[url=]hogan bambino[/url], .. I called the old man,[url=][/url], let him pay attention to the point that man came to scold me a few words away,[url=][/url], "Liu's husband new U.S. Army,[url=]abercrombie milano[/url],[url=][/url], said:" The man probably 1.7 m,[url=]profumo abercrombie[/url], thin and black,[url=][/url], like smoking opium of. "[Memories] wife missing her husband woke up two days after the army said was a thief retaliation,[url=]collana tiffany[/url], said at 13:00 on August 10, watermelon stalls sold out quickly, he let his wife go home and get some, and look both at home child. "After that day she went back, I left to wait to see her back, back to the rental house to ask the child, the child said her mother did not come home." Army wife worried about the accident,[url=]abercrombie[/url], then call 110. "Look, I have to call three times in a row, police said less than 24 hours, can not be placed on file." Army took to print out records of communications allow reporters to see. "I saw she was two days later, and 110 informed me that save a woman, and my wife a bit like characteristics. Then,[url=]felpe abercrombie[/url], Liu has been lying in Kaifeng City, the new U.S. First People's Hospital intensive care unit of." Liu said the new America, leaving the booth that day, she went to the train station north of the intersection of Jiefang Road and Rail North, saw several people, among them the day Heishou man. "I'm afraid of retaliation, they walked up the pace, and that few people followed me. Was not much for a while, I felt the first one Mongolian,[url=]abercrombie outlet[/url], and consequently do not know. Has water after waking up in the hospital,[url=][/url],[url=]abercrombie firenze[/url], I learned that when I was being thrown under the foot of the ancient city of Riverside Road. 300 bucks in my pocket will not be robbed, the thief is definitely my revenge. " Kaifeng First People's Hospital, said director Zhang Wanhong, when Liu was sent to a new US-coma, head fracture, right frontal brain contusion, under traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage. Hospital removed part of her skull had surgery, she woke up in a coma for nearly a month before, had carried the skull repair surgery. [Police said] indeed send their admission will investigate unconscious beauty is truth willow new pontoon police station to the hospital. Pontoon police official told reporters, so at 18:00 on August 10, they received a public warning, said Riverside Road near the wall under a woman, probably dead. Police rushed to the scene to see a woman curled up in the wall, touched, and atmosphere. Contact the police immediately 120, the woman sent to Kaifeng City Second Hospital. Later,[url=]hogan milano[/url], the woman discovered the injury is serious,[url=][/url], then transferred to the First People's Hospital of Kaifeng. Police said: "Liu said that the new U.S. couple retaliation was a thief, and now because of the injuries caused courageous, but she in a coma for nearly a month,[url=][/url], has missed the best time to solve the case, currently not found witnesses In addition,[url=]tiffany bologna[/url], Liu said the new United States. Simon is playing off locations in the area police station, is now coordinating the handover process "[] stolen the old man and the woman begged witnesses to provide new clues to Liu Mei, said:." our household as I have spent more than 80,000 wounded, and now my something no one departmental management, to be a good gnaw so hard, "Liu new US-husband Army request through the newspaper, looking for had stolen the elderly, to prove that Liu new beauty was courageous; would also like to find witnesses, find cause willow new U.S. injured people. If you have a clue, call this newspaper news hotline (0371) 65830000.

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